Max Scherzer Could Not Believe It When He Hit His First Major League Home Run

Max is the best, volume 13,503. Was as shocked and excited as all of us when he belted out his first major league home run last night. And he didn’t just line-drive it, he fucking crushed that thing. There was no question about it at all. And Max could not believe his own two eyes:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.23.46 AM

Just the best. When Max does anything on the diamond, he is going 110%. I’m actually shocked this is his first ever HR. He seems like a guy who would be in the cage 10 hours a day on his off days perfecting his swing like an absolute mad man.

Unfortunately, for every high there is a low. Max went out the next inning and couldn’t even throw his warm up tosses without his neck flaring up.

It seems like he was considering not making the start at all, got a lot of treatment on it and decided he was good to go, and then it fired up on him again. The bullpen couldn’t hold the 6-0 lead, and the Nats dropped a tough one to the Marlins. Sucks Max could only go for 1 inning, because after Gio’s gem on Monday, everyone was waiting to see how Max would follow up. I’m excited to watch AJ Cole go tonight, and if you’re a DFS guy, I fully expect Bryce to snap out of his mini-slump and go HAM.