The Saga Of The Mooch Proves That Anti-Italian Racism Is Still Live and Well In America


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A week ago today, we thought racism was dead in America. America’s most popular rapper, Kanye West, was a black man, and so was everyone’s favorite comedian, Bill Cosby. However, below the surface, another type of racism was brewing, a kind of racism the Al Sharptons and Rachel Dolezals of the world conveniently chose to ignore.

There remains one last barrier to ending racism in America, one last prejudice that is somehow acceptable to hold. No matter your skin color, sexuality, or gender identity, the mainstream media says it’s okay to be who you are. But god forbid you listen to Dominick the Donkey on Christmas and enjoy a sangwich with some gabagool, apparently then you are somehow a lesser person, one deserving of mockery and ridicule.

Anti-Italian-American racism is not the only reason Anthony Scaramucci no longer has a job, but it’s safe to say it’s the main reason. Since the day he was hired, liberal pundits had no problem mocking the Mooch’s ethnic background and disparaging his Italian heritage, calling him a guido and claiming he looked like Jackie Aprile Jr. Well, actually, Scaramucci looks way more similar to Mikey Palmice, but I guess all “those” people look alike to snarky left-wing Twitter pundits.

America’s refusal to be accepting of Italian-American cultural mores directly led to the downfall of the Mooch. The news media jumped down his throat for calling Steve Bannon a cocksucker, without considering the cultural context of that word among Italian-Americans in the Tri-State area. Obviously, it would be unacceptable for Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper to say that word, but that’s because they’re not Italian-American. Used by Italian-Americans, cocksucker, especially pronounced with an -a and not with the hard -er, is a term of endearment that is meant to express affection and solidarity.

In a sense, Scaramucci was set up to fail as Communications Director from the beginning. With his coiffed black hair, the Mooch would have been a perfect fit handling press for JFK in the beginning of the television era. But as the world transitions to digital media, Scaramucci’s inability to use his hands while communicating via a medium like Twitter renders his communication skills mostly ineffective.

With the Trump administration experiencing significant turmoil as it comes under siege from the liberal media, there were high hopes that Scaramucci would serve as a uniting force among Trump’s staff. Although Bannon and Scaramucci got off to a rocky start, Bannon would have likely warmed to the Mooch as he learned an entirely new lexicon of racial slurs typically only heard uttered from lawn chairs outside pizza parlors in Queens. And while Pence and Scaramucci might seem like an odd pair, once the Vice President learns what “fanook” means he’ll be delighted to have an entirely new world of anti-gay slurs to take back to the plains of Indiana.

It says a lot about American society that we still have not broken the marinara barrier and elected an Italian-American President. Even Rudy Giuliani, who single handedly prevented 9/11, could not overcome the innate prejudices of an American public that will happily consume pizza by the pound while discriminating against anyone whose name ends in a vowel. Hopefully, one day soon, we will have a President who millions of young Antonys and Christophas can look at on TV and say “Ayyy, look at dis paisan, dat could be me some day!”