It Wouldn't Be Training Camp In Baltimore Without A Rash Of Season-Ending Injuries


Alright so maybe that last one isn’t a season-ending injury. Maybe I’m being a little overdramatic. But then again, last time Perriman “tweaked” something it ended up being his rookie season down the tube. So do forgive me if I’m a little bit skeptical when it comes to Perriman… or any of the Ravens for that matter.

We haven’t even gotten through 1 week of training camp and guys are dropping like flies. It’s pretty incredible. Injuries are a part of the game. Every team suffers them, especially this time of year when guys are just getting going with full contact drills. Sometimes you luck out and stay relatively healthy, and that’s when teams peak. The Ravens 2012 season is a pretty good example of that. But ever since that Super Bowl win, it seems like they just can’t catch a break. I thought the Great Cornerback Plague of 2014 was the football gods’ answer to that championship, but then they doubled down by taking down the entire team in 2015. Only had the most guys in the league on IR by season’s end. 2016 was only a little better, finishing with the 2nd most.


So what the hell gives man? It just never ends. The good thing, or at least so far, is that none of the serious injuries are to guys the Ravens aren’t prepared to replace. Losing Tavon Young last month hurts, but Ozzie Newsome has made sure the organization is stockpiled with DB’s. Crockett Gillmore’s injury hurts too, but we’re pretty much accustomed to life without him anyway. We can still lean on Ben Watson, Nick Boyle, and maybe even Maxx Williams. The injury to Siragusa is the one that creates some complications, if only because the Ravens were already shorthanded on the interior OL with the retirement of John Urschel. Neither were likely to start, but they gotta sign some depth and they gotta do it ASAP.

I’m going to do my best to remain positive about Perriman and Flacco. Their injuries aren’t supposed to keep them down for long. Flacco’s shown to be a trooper throughout his career, and seems to do a good job of taking care of himself. I’m all for being precautious with your franchise QB during camp, especially in times like these. Perriman… well we know his story. I won’t linger on that only because I may jump in front of a light rail if I do.

Let’s keep our heads up high and at least try to get to next week’s preseason opener in one piece.