The Giants Locker Room Is Apparently Ready To Dance All The Way To Super Bowl LII

I don’t know if it’s the touch of football fever that sets in once the calendar turns to August or what, but that video has my fat ass ready to run through a brick wall like Andy Reid.

Ben McAdoo must live by the motto happy locker room, happy life and that locker room is grinning from ear to ear like the motherfucking Joker. Is that an NFL locker room full of guys pissed to be back at work or a cookout where everyone is having a ball? I loooooove it.

At this time last year, Eli Apple was a rookie that seemed like a little bit of a reach in the draft while his mom was out becoming America’s sweetheart with zingers about pro hoes and the Kardashians. This year Eli is stealing the show in dance videos featuring Odell Beckham. Upset of the century. And how about Will Tye cutting a rug? I didn’t know that guy could do anything other than run plod in a straight line and hold a football at the same time.

And if that wasn’t enough, we got a glimpse of the catlike moves of Elisha Nelson Manning.

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Any women that watch this video may become pregnant instantly.

Eli Dance Rating:

Ohhhhh shittttt. The highlight of the 2017 NFL season just happened before the first snap of the first preseason game. You truly never know what’s going to happen in the NATIONAL. FOOTBALL. LEAGUE.

And if/when the Giants make it to the Super Bowl, I have a feeling a familiar foe just might be there waiting with his own pair of dancing shoes.


h/t jared and mike o