After An Offseason Of Crazy Workouts, Terrelle Pryor Is Putting On A Show At Redskins Camp

All Summer long Terrelle Pryor was posting ridiculous, and I mean ridiculous, workouts he was doing on his Twitter. All sorts of crazy WR drills- footwork, catching, balance- shit my non athletic self couldn’t really comprehend. Weaving in and out of 1,000 cones, turning on a dime and then catching the ball, it was all very impressive. And now he is on the field at Redskins camp and blowing everyone’s minds. He’s fast, he’s HUGE, and he can catch anything thrown at him.

This shouldn’t exactly be a shock to anyone, as Pryor had 77 grabs and over 1,000 yards playing for the 1-15 Browns last season. You know how hard that is to do when RG3, Cody Kessler, and Josh McCown are the QBs? Oh wait, shout out to Charlie Whitehurst and Kevin Hogan (who?), they got in some starting reps last season too. In 2014, Pryor didn’t want to switch to WR. He even said this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.02.12 PM

And then today:

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.02.50 PM

I know it’s just camp and all that, but man the Browns are dumb for letting him walk. He was legit trying to negotiate with the Browns to stay there, and they didn’t lock him up. Absolutely incredible…but I guess not that incredible because we are talking about the Browns, after all.

Alls I know is Pryor is going to fill in very nicely for DJaxx and help get Kirk paid handsomely wherever he winds up next season.