Looks Like We Finally Have Our Official Strip Club To Watch Vegas Golden Knights Games At This Year


Vegas News – Crazy Horse III will warm up sports fans this upcoming National Hockey League (NHL) season with “Hockey at the Horse” viewing parties from Wednesday, Oct. 4 through Saturday, April 7. 

In celebration of the first professional team in Las Vegas, the Vegas Knights, the award-winning gentlemen’s club will unveil game day specials, including a “Bucks for Pucks” deal, offering $1 admission for any guests arriving via their own transportation. Visitors from out of town are encouraged to take advantage of the club’s complimentary limo service, including free entry to the venue, by using the Crazy Horse III signature app.

The first thing I think about when somebody brings up the Vegas Golden Knights is a pair of spread legs. But get your mind out of the gutters, you savages. I’m talking about Marc-Andre Fleury’s 5-hole which is open for business 24/7. Thanks to Crazy Horse III, however, I guess his won’t be the only 5 hole on display during VGK games this year.

It’s just nice to see Las Vegas fully embracing the game and becoming a hockey town on lap dance at a time. But here’s the only thing that worries me. Is this going to take away from ticket sales? Are the Vegas Golden Knights going to be playing in an empty barn every night because everybody who is in Vegas is watching the game at Crazy Horse III? I love watching live hockey just as much as the next guy but you’re not getting into T-Mobile Arena for $1. You’re either going to shell out $800 for tickets to bang your hands on the glass at the game or you’re going to spend $800 on something a little different at the Crazy Horse III. Would hate to see an expansion team fail to survive just because hockey fans are horny.

P.S. – If I was an NHL player but a guy who is constantly in and out of the lineup, I think I’d start sucking on purpose about a week or so before I know my team is heading on the road to play in Vegas. Feel like being healthy scratched for that game is the better option than getting less than 10 minutes of ice time. You show up to the rink for morning skate, hop on a few blackjack tables between then and game time, then you’re up in the suite for the start of the game but sneak out to “Hockey At The Horse” a little after puck drop. That way you still get to see the whole game in case the coaches try to pop quiz you at practice the next day. But you’ve also got a bunch of strippers there to help pass the time. I don’t know. Just thinking out loud here.

[h/t Puck Daddy]