This Mom Mistaking A Purse For A Dachshund Hound Is A Classic Mistake

Classic mistake. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. I  totally get what happened to this mom. When you love dogs so much that you start spotting them even when they’re not there. She was also probably shit faced which is yet another relatable piece this story. You get shit faced, you start getting in your feelings and all of a sudden you start seeing good boys and good girls who aren’t really there. My biggest concern is just how disappointed the mom was when she realized her mistake. That had to be tough. Did she wander over there and start petting a the dachshund hound only to realize it was a leather purse? Cause there’s no coming back from that. Bottom line is I can’t hate on a person who wants to see an adorable dog so badly that they’ll start creating them out of thin air/at a bar staring at a purse.