Worst Job In The World? Connor McDavid's Summer Goalie

You show up to the rink. You throw all your gear on. You stand in between the pipes. And then you just let Connor McDavid have his way with you for however long he feels like staying out there. Imagine that being your life. You’d have to be some real sick fuck to sign up for that gig. Unless you’re one of those people who get off on being humiliated. In which case you are probably coming the entire time. Coming day and night. It’s terrific. But if that’s not your cup of tea then yeah, I guess you just really hate your life.

Now the fact that McJesus is decked out in all of his Oilers gear leads me to believe this was for some sort of video/photo shoot. But you still don’t just pull that move out of nowhere if you haven’t been working on it. Lot of different options you can go with after going through the legs like that. He goes Datsyuk here. Could also go with the Forsberg. It’s just a silky smooth mind fuck through and through. Unfortunately, we’ll only be able to see it 3 times on national tv this year because the NHL and NBCSN are incompetents.