The Mooch Got Duped Into An Email Fight With A Fake Reince Priebus


So a bunch of the White House staff was duped by an email prankster. I know that’s appalling but it’s true. Prankster posed as other peeps to dupe White House officials into exchanges.

Obviously we care most about The Mooch. Here’s his exchange with a fake Reince Priebus (former chief of staff).

Fake Priebus: “At no stage have you acted in a way that’s even remotely classy, yet you believe that’s the standard by which everyone should behave towards you?”

The Mooch: “You know what you did. We all do. Even today. But rest assured we were prepared. A Man would apologize.”

Fake Priebus: “I can’t believe you are questioning my ethics! The so called ‘Mooch’, who can’t even manage his first week in the White House without leaving upset in his wake. I have nothing to apologize for.”

The Mooch: “Read Shakespeare. Particularly Othello. You are right there. My family is fine by the way and will thrive. I know what you did. No more replies from me.”



Ugh these are making me sad. Like getting notes from an ex girlfriend. Poor Mooch. Poor us. Every single nugget of information from this guy further enshrines his character, his myth, his place in history. It makes us happier he was there, sadder he is gone. Even posthumously, he continues to deliver. Referencing Othello in an email fight with a fake White House chief of staff? Diabolical. Will forever miss The Mooch. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, many people say.

PS — “My family is fine by the way and will thrive” = poor timing considering his family went through divorce, the father not being present for the second son’s birth, then the father humiliatingly losing his job 10 days in.

PPS — “No more replies from me” = the MOST TYPICAL angry ex who’s obviously going to reply for another 4-5 hours line there is.