World Of Warcraft Currency Is Now Worth More Than Venezuelan Currency

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The Blaze- Venezuelan resident and Twitter user @KalebPrime first made the discovery July 14 and tweeted at the time that on the Venezuela’s black market — now the most-used method of currency exchange within Venezuela according to NPR — you can get $1 for 8493.97 bolivars. Meanwhile, a “WoW” token, which can be bought for $20 from the in-game auction house, is worth 8385 gold per dollar.

According to sites that track the value of both currencies, KalebPrime’s math is outdated, and WoW gold is now worth even more than the bolivar.

Ah, classic Venezuelan stock market being in the dumps. Very obviously not the best look for them that WORLD OF WARCRAFT money is worth more than their dollar. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t World of Warcraft terribly outdated? It’s reaching The Sims territory? I don’t know, not a World of Warcraft guy. It was a little before my time, and I never liked computer games anyway. I even had to read the first few paragraphs over and over again because I thought “bolivars” were the World of Warcraft money.

My favorite part of the article is when they say, “According to sites that track the value of both currencies, KalebPrime’s math is outdated…”, because you totally expect them to continue with “and obviously World of Warcraft money is not even close to worth a real dollar in Venezuela” but NOPE! His math is outdated and now you can buy an entire favela for a World of Warcraft token now.

I think we should send 31.57 million computers to Venezuela, all pre-installed with World of Warcraft, and just let them settle everything on the world wide web. Hell, I might even move down there if we did that. My online muscles are way bigger than my real ones, I could probably run shit.

P.S. When “Make Love, Not Warcraft” came out, I bought World of Warcraft by trading in 4927383 games to GameStop for $4.32 and having my mom pay for the rest of it. As soon as I got it out of the package and realized you had to pay a monthly subscription on top of the flat rate, it was a big no from my mom dawg.