Dave Dombrowski Trades For An 8th Inning Guy Part III -- Section 10 Podcast Ep. 112



On Episode 112 of the Section 10 Podcast, I’m saying goodbye to Boston. I’m on a train to NYC as we speak. With that, we discuss what changes will be coming in regards to my role at Barstool, how weird it was to say bye to everyone that I worked with in Boston, and how I’m basically going to lose my fucking mind until I get settled into a new routine.

It was Trade Deadline Day, so we were recording right after Dave Dombrowski flipped a trio of prospects to the Mets for right-handed reliever Addison Reed, so we react to that. Because it’s yet another reliever whose job is supposed to be setting up Craig Kimbrel, we review Dombrowski’s history of acquiring relievers with this job description, and we also wonder what Carson Smith and Tyler Thornburg might be up to these days.

We also get into the news from over the weekend — David Price returning to the disabled list with an elbow injury, his comments about the Dennis Eckersley incident, if there’s ever been a player in Boston who’s been hated as much as Price, how fans were booing Price’s car when he drove out of the player’s parking lot at Fenway and some fans were even chasing his car down the street, how Price loses no matter what here because he’s an asshole if he doesn’t apologize but he’s also going to get shit on for taking so long to give a PR-prompted apology, and how my relationship with Price has changed over the last year.

We gave some props to Adrian Beltre for collecting the 3,000th hit of his major league career over the weekend, which creates a discussion on how many active players have already done enough to gain entry to the Baseball Hall of Fame if their careers were to end today.

Down in the DM — If this were a movie, wouldn’t David Ortiz come save the day right now? Who would captain a ship between Pete, Steve and me, and which former Section 10 guest would we bring with us? Thoughts on people who bring scorecards to games? What celebrity would you marry right now?


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