Steph Curry Crashes A Newport House Party at 2 AM And Starts Chugging Bud Lights

No afterparty is complete without @stephencurry30 randomly rolling in asking to party..

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Love Steph Curry working on his “cool guy” persona a little bit lately.  Most fun player to watch in the NBA by far and his on-the-court accomplishments are beyond reproach, but he’s always been a little too quiet and subdued off the court for people to truly relate to.  Well, he’s in step one of the process to change that.

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Get a little edge by publicly making fun of LeBron, add a little bad-boy to that baby face image –

And now, crash some 20 year old’s house party in Newport and slam some Bud Lights.

According to TMZ

The Steph Curry party train is rollin’ HARD this summer — dude crashed a random house party this weekend and slammed beers at 2 in the mornin’ … and it was all caught on video.

The 29-year-old NBA superstar was in Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday night for the wedding of his ex-Warrior teammate, Harrison Barnes — and after the party, he was on the hunt for the after-party.

So, he rounded up a gang of 5 dudes — including Kent Bazemore — and rolled over to a nearby house that was bumpin’ loud music.

They knocked and asked if they could join in — and the gang of 20-something-year-olds inside immediately passed over the Bud Lights.

They wanted Steph to shotgun the beers — but Curry decided it was best to just chug. He ended up wearing half the can on his Steph Curry UA shirt.

We’re told the guys partied for about 30 to 45 mins and everyone had a blast.

Atta boy Steph. Try and get some of that beer in your mouth next time though.