Woman Tries To “Beat The Crowd” By Driving Directly Off The Side Of A Boat

Source - An impatient driver takes an unexpected bath when the boat they’re traveling on is found not to be docked in what is said to bse a port in Crimea. Video shows a large ship slowly making its way to land, preparing to dock as passengers wait patiently beside their cars.

Out of nowhere a moving vehicle starts making its way to the boat’s exit – and falls into the watery space remaining between land and vessel. A crewman notices the car and tries to stop it, but it’s too late, and the car shockingly dives into the water.

The unverified video, said to be supplied by Maritime Directorate, is thought to have occurred on the Protoporos IV ferry vessel, which was approaching the pier in the port of Crimea, according to local Russian reports.  The same reports from the publication Kerch, believe that there was just one person in the vehicle and that they were unharmed. The car is also said to have been salvaged from the water after emergency divers and rescuers were sent to the scene. 

In the service industry they say FIFO; first in, first out. In Russia they say ?????? ??????, ?????? ????????. Which also means first in, first out. The only difference is, in Russia the law applies to ferries, not perishable food items. Of course, I just made that entire thing up, but it could be true. Why else would the lady drive directly overboard? Because she thought the boat was docked? Malarky. And yes- I’m assuming it’s a lady, for obvious reasons (they’re bad drivers.) Kidding, kind of.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for beating the crowd. There’s nothing worse than sitting in traffic. I just wish she had committed a little more. Really goosed it. Give it a full send. She couldn’t have been going more than 5mph. No wonder she ended up like Starsky and Hutch. Steven Hawking in a snowstorm could’ve had a bigger head of steam. The only other possible explanation would be she was following her GPS. It’s too bad she didn’t have her dash-cam rolling. I’m pretty sure it’s against Russian law to drive without one. Oh well, I’m sure the courts will treat her fairly. They have a squeaky clean record when it comes to justice.