Reds Prospect Jose Siri Sets Record For Longest Hit Streak In Midwest League History

It would be easy to thumb your nose and dismiss Jose Siri’s 36 game hit streak as a product of shitty minor league baseball, but to put Siri’s record setting streak into perspective, when’s the last time you did anything 36 times in a row? 36 straight days of not fucking up an Excel sheet at your job or 36 straight days of going to the gym? Hell I bet most rec warriors couldn’t even go 36 straight games with a hit in beer league softball. Hitting a baseball at the professional level is one of the hardest things to do in all of sports, which really makes DiMaggio’s 56 games, or Joe Wilhoit’s all time minor league record of 69 games all the more impressive (had to throw that in there. Nice.).

Even more important, Siri’s blisteringly hot summer has gotten him noticed as one of the better prospects in the Reds organization, and in all of Major League Baseball as well. Prior to this season, Jose Siri wasn’t necessarily a name that baseball guys salivated over, but since then, Siri has been named to Baseball America’s list of top 10 prospects in minor league baseball in relation to power and speed. Siri currently has 19 homers and 29 stolen bases, 13 of those dingers happened during said streak. Despite the current runaway train that is the Cincinnati Reds Professional Baseball Organization, the Redlegs actually have loads of talent in their farm system, and as long as guys like Jose Siri continue to tear it up, the light at the end of the tunnel on the road to the 2020 World Series looks brighter and brighter every day.