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RIP The Mooch (July 21st 2017 - July 31st 2017)

RIP to our guy The Mooch. Sad, sad day. After just 11 long days at the post, he’s out. He’s gone. He’s toast. New White House chief of Staff General John Kelly is NOT fucking around. He assumed the position this morning and just hours later, he ousts the most controversial figure of the Trump administration yet.

The internet is of course losing its mind. Internet is stunned. Internet is paralyzed. But if you really think about it, is this surprising at all? Trump brought in a psycho for a week and a half, he delivered HUGE shock value, then he’s gone. The next guy will look like the most normal spokesman of all time. He’ll look like an angel.

Bottom line, you just can’t keep up The Mooch’s pace. Nobody can. PFT and OMB get it.

RIP Mooch. Ts & Ps. This may very well go down as the peak of the shitshow that is the Trump Administration.