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Congrats To Ryan Zimmerman For Becoming DC's All-Time HR King

What a year for Ryan Zimmerman. Could not be happening to a better guy. Before this season, he was chewed up, spit out, and booed off stage. But he kept grinding and stepped into this season healthier than he’s been in years, and what a pay-off it’s been. Zim is hitting .320 with 24 HRs and on pace for well over 100 RBIs, in his 12th full MLB season. And then yesterday he smashed career HR number 238, passing Frank Howard to become Washington DC’s all time HR king.

Since becoming the Nats first ever draft pick, Zimmerman has led by example and become everything, and more, that this organization could have hoped for. Even when he was struggling, hurt, and had the yips to the point he had to change positions, he never lashed out or got out of line- he stayed the course and it’s now paying off huge. He’s a legitimate MVP candidate now, as he’s top 10 in every major offensive category, and plays a pretty mean first base as well. The type of season he has put together has been nothing short of spectacular, and hopefully it comes with a big payoff in October.