The Yankees Pulled One Out Of Their Ass Last Night In One Of The Best Wins Of The Year

WOW. Just WOW. Last night felt like it was one of those games from the first two honeymoon months of this season. It felt like only a matter of time before the Yankees would tie the game and eventually win it, and that’s just the way it unfolded (with a bit of luck). After chipping away and cutting the deficit to one entering the ninth, the top of the order was due up. Gardner came up with the goods and ripped a triple into the gap to get things going.

Clint was due up next and I swear to God he grounded out to third in .05 seconds. I’m not even sure they got it on TV it happened so fast. The struggling Judge came up in a spot that would hopefully get him out of this 2nd half slump. A pop out to shallow right field wasn’t deep enough to score Gardy from third, continuing his frustrating last few weeks. Two huge missed opportunities in the 9th and another big one in the 8th with Wade’s double play left the game square on El Gary’s shoulders. Well, thanks to the Rays bold strategy of having two shortstops in their defensive alignment for Sanchez, both players scared each off from fielding a semi-routine ground ball.

It felt like a poor man’s Luis Castillo play. Just absolutely hilarious.

It gave the Yankees new life, but it was now time for the always interesting Aroldis Chapman to come into the game. Bringing a closer into a tie ball game always spells trouble, but not last night. Last night the Cuban Missile was in full annihilation mode.

My goodness if Roldy can get back on track and look like the Chapman of old then it’s fucking game over with this bullpen folks.

In the 11th, Gardner said good night.

Easily one of the best wins of the year. I’d probably put it second or third to the crazy comeback against the O’s where Holliday ended up with the game winner and Gardner’s homer to beat the Cubs in the 9th. The Sox were off so it allowed New York to jump to within a half game of 1st place in the AL East. Oh and we got to wake up to even better news this morning.

What a shame! Really hope Price can get healthy in time for October so we get to see one of my favorite people ever, Playoff David Price. Orrrrrr he could have Tommy John like he should have months ago. Either or works for me.

Two people that really need to start getting some big time recognition are Didi Gregorious and Chase Headley. I’m not completely surprised typing Didi’s name in that sentence, but Headley’s I’m STUNNED.

Both guys had two hits last night and it seems lately that’s all they’ve been doing. Didi has risen to the ranks of being a top 5 shortstop in the whole league. That’s not a biased Yankee fan take, it’s a goddamn fact. In no particular order it’s Correa, Seager Lindor, Andrelton Simmons, and Didi with Xander coming in at 6. He’s made the transition to the Post-Jeter era seemingly painless and it’s gone fairly unrecognized. I’m expecting Cashman to lock Gregorious up in the offseason with a lengthy extension.

Chase Headley has been a huge point of stability in that 6 or 7 spot in the lineup lately. In the month of July he’s hitting .329 and has actually played a pretty good first base after Todd Frazier took over at third. Now there’s no power from Chase’s bat anymore, but I’ll gladly take four multi-hit games in the last week. I cannot believe he has his average up over .270 after how bad things were a few months ago.

Judge’s Tooth

So Aaron Judge is human? I didn’t think it was possible to cause any sort of damage to him, but like most things in my life I was wrong. Pretty funny we had grounds crew members searching for it in the infield after the game. Between banging his head in the outfield wall a few games ago and now this incident, let’s just relax with any head injuries please.

Trade Talks

Last night was a huge, huge win and I’m starting to feel pretty confident again. I don’t know what’s going to happen with these Sonny Gray talks, but if it means giving up Clint or Gleyber then I’m out. It’s just not worth it for a haul including those names. I’m fine with Florial, Acevedo, and lower level guys but I’m not going passed that offer. I’d maybe start looking in St. Louis at Lance Lynn. Dude is quietly having a great year, and a near perfect month of July (1.17 ERA in 5 starts). He’s an innings eater who’s made 30+ starts in each of his last four season and is on pace to do it again in 2017. He’s certainly not a bad back up option if Billy Beane doesn’t budge off of his king’s ransom offer.

Barstool at the Ballpark

Screenshot (96)

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P.S. I’ll be announcing another watch party on Monday for next weekend’s big series against the Indians so stay tuned on Twitter for the details

P.P.S. Hey Logan Morrison! Nice 0-5 with 3 Ks last night!