John Bulla Needs A Roommate: Inquire Within


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Lots to unpack here because longtime stoolie John Bulla is extremely thorough.

1. The humility that is involved here is incredible. John recently raised a girl who had been dead for 3 weeks from the grave and just mentions it like he ordered a double cheeseburger. It was nothing to him. If I raised a girl from the dead, I’d talk your fucking ear off about it. Not John. Too Umble. I respect him for that.

2. Often times when you get a new roommate, they are kinda shady about expectations. Not John. He lays it all out there. Sure, some people might call you a cheap ass for making people split the lawn mower gas prices. I say that’s fair and upfront. People are gonna focus on the lawn mower gas and not the fact that John clearly said you can share the microwave oven and crockpot.

3. I appreciate how detailed the TV situation is explained. The future roommate knows exactly what to expect.

4. I’m glad we know John’s sexual preference. If you’re a beautiful woman who tries to move in with John, you can watch TV with him but dont be surprised if he takes a pass or two.

Now, I need to be honest. John made a few mistakes. He writes a beautifully written ad and takes the time to be thoughtful as hell but he doesnt even begin to clean up? What’s that about? The house wasnt too cluttered just run a vacuum over it once and it would have been good.









Seems like a steal at $250 a month with a little extra thrown in for lawn mower gas.