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Here's Every Single "That's What She Said" Joke From Michael Scott. You're Welcome.

I’m a simple man. I don’t need fancy schmancy jokes or elaborate stories to keep me entertained, I just need a Michael Scott compilation. Anything that brings The Office back into my life is instantly my favorite thing on the internet for the day. Well, today I’ve found that greatness early and I’ve found it in a YouTube that gives us every “that’s what she said” from Michael Scott (plus a Jan cameo) in history.

The internet works differently than reality, time is different here. Send someone, particularly me, a YouTube video longer than a minute and the response is often, “Goodness gracious, who’s got the time for this!” But you know what? I watched every second of this video and then I watched it again. Despite the fact that the internet moves in dog years this captured the hell out of my attention. This long piece is all I need today and it might be all I need forever.

That’s what she said.

PS – Feel like this is a deserving add on to this post.