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The Red Sox Outfield Celebration Continues To Be Absolutely Insufferable

There might not be anything worse in all of sports than the ridiculous outfield celebration by the Red Sox. I throw up a little bit in my mouth every time the camera pans to these three assholes in center field as they do their little picture bullshit and watch someone pretend they’re skiing or whatever. I thought everything LeBron did on social media was insufferable, but this takes it to a whole another level. They started doing this last year, and it was “cool” at the time because it was new…

But for the love of Jesus Christ himself they’re still fucking doing it. It’s absolutely unbelievable and I won’t stand for it anymore. Even Feits blogged this earlier in the year and stressed how even he was getting tired of it, and that was in May. I’m sure Red Sox fans will counter with the Yankees’ “roll call” being the equivalent and to that I sorta don’t disagree, but they’ve been doing that for decades upon decades. That’s like saying the Packers shouldn’t do the “Lambeau Leap” (I’m sure Big Cat is on that train) or the Red Sox shouldn’t sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ in the middle of the eight inning of EVERY SINGLE GAME.

You can only have one stupid tradition in your franchise and Sweet Caroline is Boston’s. Fine, I’ll live with it. But this fucking dancing malarkey out in center field needs to end. If I have to see Jackie Bradley (one of the more overrated players in baseball history) skiing through slopes as Benintendi and Betts take fake pictures of him I’m going to actually vomit on my TV.

P.S. My biggest nightmare ever is if the Red Sox knock the Yanks out of the playoffs in Yankee Stadium and do that fucking dance in my face. I’d think long and hard about buying a gun in that scenario.