Wake Up With David Justice Hitting A Go Ahead Three-Run Bomb In ALCS Game 6 (2000)

Yankee fans will probably take this as an insult, but I actually mean it as a compliment — Yankee Stadium will never be as great as it was in these days. Never, ever, ever. It’s almost like when they demolished the old Yankee Stadium, they demolished that vintage, hostile, rowdy environment with it. I’m going to sound like a masochist here, but I honestly miss it. I miss being a fan of a visiting team, and basically feeling nauseous hearing how loud those Yankee Stadium crowds would get when things weren’t going my team’s way. It’s bad enough to lose playoff games; it’s even worse to lose playoff games at the old Yankee Stadium because those crowds would rip out your heart, spike it on the ground, piss on it and then flick their still-lit cigarette on it. Brutal.