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This Citizen's Arrest Of A Drunk Driver Is The Proper Way To Make A Citizen's Arrest

HuffPo- A Texas man reportedly took the law into his own hands after a suspected drunk driver nearly hit his vehicle during a recent night out with family in Houston.

“I was taking my family to go eat some pizza and we saw him coming towards us and he missed us and I saw the right side of his car gone,” Alejandro Fernandez told KTRK-TV.

The man behind the wheel of the heavily damaged Ford Mustang continued to drive recklessly and was weaving in and out of traffic, Fernandez said.

“There were two [pedestrians] on the corner, and he almost ran over them,” Fernandez told WTOL-TV. “That’s when we decided to turn around and start following him.”

Fernandez said a passenger in his vehicle called 911 while another pulled out a cellphone to record what they were seeing.

“It was crazy,” he told KMOV-TV. “I’ve never seen anybody driving like that.”

 The driver eventually pulled into a parking lot, where Fernandez and a male relative decided to act to prevent the man from getting back on the road.
Fernandez and a relative held the man until Houston police arrived on the scene.

Authorities told KTRK-TV the driver, identified as 28-year-old Sirkon Ash, was charged with felony DWI. It’s reportedly the man’s third drunken driving offense.

Citizen’s arrests are all the rage these days. You may have seen that British guy tossing them out like parking tickets, totally abusing the integrity of the citizen’s arrest. Luckily, we have a video out of Houston where an entire family of (presumably, from the Spanish) Hispanic influence chases down a drunk driver, rips him from his Mustang, and executes a commendable citizen’s arrest until the cops arrive.


Here’s a TOTALLY HYPOTHETICAL question, and in NO WAY am I inferring that these heroes aren’t citizens: if you’re not a citizen and you make a citizen’s arrest, what do we call that arrest? Temporary-Visa/potentially illegal immigrant arrest doesn’t have the same panache as citizen’s arrest, and I think we need to reward anyone who helps keep our roads clear of drunk drivers, dead prostitutes, and pedophiles. So here’s my proposal: from this day forward, any immigrants looking to gain citizenship to these United States can either drown under the mountain of red tape that tangles the traditional process, or execute 10 perfect citizen’s arrests. They’ll carry a punch card, similar to my coffee cup loyalty card (2 stamps away!), such that if they make 10 arrests, they’re American! Voting rights and all. It’s a dangerous road but nobody said citizenship was easy… at least for people born elsewhere.