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Martellus Bennett Slept On The Floor Of The Locker Room After He Was Locked Out Of The Packers Training Camp Dorm Last Night

Sports Illustrated Martellus Bennett’s first training camp with the Packers is off to an unusual start.

Bennett reported to camp late Tuesday night only to find he couldn’t check in to his dorm room at St. Norbert College. Instead, he spent the night having a one-man slumber party in the Packers’ locker room. At least he looked like he was having a good time.

I’m already in love with Marty Bennett and he hasn’t played one down of football for the Packers yet. Dude gets in too late to check into the dorm where the Packers players are staying during camp, so instead of getting a hotel room for the night, he sleeps in the locker room by himself. His biggest concern were the potential ghosts in the locker room because he was the “only black person in this scary movie, and the black guy always dies in those movies.” The Packers need some spice in their pretty bland locker room if we’re being honest. Marty Bennett will bring that spice, that is a goddamn fact.

Here are some of his all time quotes and moments…

When referring to Tony Romo…”Any quarterback that can get Jessica Simpson, I’ve got to play with him”

“Football is my wife and basketball is my mistress”

He has an animated short called “Zoovie”

He could’ve dominated the NBA and held Kobe to under 30 and would’ve punched Yao Ming in the face to stop him on offense.

My only question from this whole thing is how did Bennett just stroll right into the Packers training camp facility? If the dorms were closed then there’s no way he got any key cards to get any sort of access. So are the Packers just leaving their facility wide open at night? What kind of training camp are we running here? Just pure anarchy.

Anyways I cannot fucking wait for Aaron Rodgers and Bennett to get some chemistry going, and soon after take over the NFL. In my opinion (definitely not biased) this is the best offense in the NFL.

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