Jim Harbaugh Being The Only Big Ten Coach To Not Wear A Suit At Media Day Is Why I Love Him

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I know people go back and forth on whether Harbaugh is a hardo or if he’s just being himself and that person is an awesome mix of football and intensity at all times. Well I firmly am in the “just being himself” camp and here’s why. Look at the reverse angle. Does that look like a man trying to stick out or a football guy going to a stupid media event and trying to be comfortable?

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You can have your little media day, you can ask your questions, and take your pictures, but don’t expect Jim Harbaugh to dress up. He’ll dress the same way every single day no matter what the occasion. He’s got football on his mind, no suit changes that. That why he’s the best, thats why I love him.

2 other Harbaugh anecdotes from the last few hours.

It is afternoon for Jim, he’s been up since 3 am.

Toothbrush and a good attitude, all you need. What a quote.


I like PJ Fleck. I think he’s going to have success at Minnesota. But tone it down a little man, classic new guy trying to look extra fancy look. Those clothes would burn Jim Harbaugh’s skin right off his body.

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Double PS

No one has ever been more perfectly Wisconsin than Paul Chryst. His entire presence screams a bland 9-10 win team. And you know what? I love that. Don’t be someone you’re not. Just run the ball and win the Big Ten West. Keep it simple, On Wisconsin.

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