Lebron James Is Mad Online


This is so Bron Bron it hurts. Using the yelling emoji like a little bitch when saying Booooooooo. And then trying to act like none of this bothers him. Like hey even though I’ve posted about this 100 times and am using the yelling emoji I”m just having a great relaxing summer. This doesn’t bother me. As you can see it’s a beautiful day, the beaches are open and people are having a wonderful time. As you know Cleveland means friendship. FUCK THIS GUY. The most mentally weak insecure superstar who has ever lived.

PS – Lebron couldn’t beat up a butterlfy. FUCK THIS GUY FUCK THIS GUY.

Double PS – I’m live blogging this on the radio as I speak. Multitasking like a god damn savage. You can hear the typing sound on Sirius XM. Combat Sports