This Lady Standing Behind Trump Has A WILD Eyebrow Game

WILD, WILD look from this lady here. Does she not own a mirror? Does she not use every borderline reflective surface as a mirror while she walks around town (that’s one of my best skills, I’ll turn absolutely anything into a chance to check myself out. Give me some sun and a window and I might as well be in a fitting room)? Is she Medusa and just can’t see her reflection so she avoids them all like the plague?

I mean we’re talking about the most important moment of your life, the entire world is watching you, and you go out there looking like you just passed out at a frat party and got Sharpie’d? Pure insanity. I don’t know if she lost her eyebrows in some horrific incident or if it’s due to disease that couldn’t be treated because Obamacare made her lose her doctor or if she just went crazy and shaved them off, but whatever happened there’s no excuse for this look. None at all. Clowns at birthday parties for three year olds take more care in their appearance, when you’re standing over the president’s shoulder during a speech you’ve gotta come more proper than this. I don’t even know what facial expression she’s constantly (surprise? worry?) stuck in but it’s terrifying.