John Mayer Set To Release His Own Nike Collaboration Shoe Soon

GQ- Earlier this week, singer/songwriter/world class social media user John Mayer sat down with our friends at GQ Style to discuss a wide range of topics involving his personal style. In recent memory, the 39-year-old star’s wardrobe has become fodder for menswear obsessives who can’t help but be jealous of Mayer’s extensive collections of brands like Visvim, Acronym, and more. In the interview, Mayer also teased an unofficial Nike collaboration, stating that rather than get the folks at Nike on board in any kind of sanctioned capacity, he simply designed a Nike sneaker on NikeiD and bought up every single pair the brand would sell him. “I’m just waiting for it to get discontinued on their site. And I’m gonna offer it as my own shoe through my Shopify page. [laughs] Just for fun!” he told GQ Style. It turns out the fun is coming is very soon, and the kicks will seemingly drop on July 29 according to Mayer’s own Instagram page.


Listen, it doesn’t matter if you think those shoes look cool or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re into Air Max shoes or not. Those are pointless factors. The only factor that matters is that they were designed by John Mayer and he’s a walking sex machine. I think the shoes look fine. Not great but not bad. But again, it doesn’t matter. I don’t see what John Mayer sees. I don’t understand the world like John Mayer understands the world. John Mayer operates in a sexual space that only few have before him. He knows what gets the females (and males, for that matter) going. It’s why he’s had sex with the likes of Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Love Hewitt and many many many others. That’s not an accident. John Mayer isn’t fucking girls like that by pure chance. He’s a cocksman who has perfected his craft. Those shoes could be the ugliest goddamn things in the world and we should all still buy them. John Mayer sees the sexual matrix and I pity any fools who don’t follow his lead.