Jordan Spieth Wins The Open Championship In DRAMATIC Fashion

ALRIGHT WOW. Deep breaths everybody. Deep breaths. I can’t believe what I just saw either.

Let’s start at the beginning of the day. Jordan Spieth entered with a 3-shot lead over Matt Kuchar. Like I said in the previous blog, it looked as if Spieth was gonna cruise to his 3rd major. I even tweeted it I was so sure. Well that didn’t happen cause he bogeyed 3 of his first 4 holes. He just didn’t look like the guy we’ve become accustomed to seeing. Neither guy looked great but Spieth was missing short putt after short putt. It was all tied up after the first 9 holes.

Then the craziness on #13 happened (where he somehow walked away with a bogey)

At that point everyone on Twitter was calling Jordan Spieth a choke artist and bringing up his collapse at the Masters. Everyone was saying that choking in big moments was going to become a part of Spieth’s legacy forever. How did he bounce back after the chaotic 13th? I’m glad you asked

Well he almost aced #14 and made birdie

Then he buried an eagle from DEEP on #15

Then he yelled “GO GET THAT!” at Michael Greller (a clip we’ll be seeing for decades to come)

Then he birdied #16 from deep and broke Matt Kuchar’s spirit (not really cause Kuchar never stopped smiling but you know what I mean)

Oh and then, just for good measure, he birdied #17 as well. This fucking guy, man.

Birdie-Eagle-Birdie-Birdie. Insane. Like beyond insane. After one of the craziest circumstances on #13 he goes birdie-eagle-birdie-birdie. And just like that, he had a two-shot lead heading to #18 and would eventually win by three strokes. What an absolutely historic bounce back. What an absolutely historic Sunday round at a major. What a great way to win your first Claret Jug. I’ll tell my grandchildren about that bounce back and you should too. Poor Matt Kuchar. One of the nicest dudes on Tour ran into a damn buzz saw those last 5 holes. While taking a knee on #13 Kuchar had to be thinking, “Okay I can actually win this thing. He’s cut. Jordan Spieth is cut” and then the flurry happened and it was over before he knew what happened.

So after the dust settles on this amazing Open Championship, Jordan Spieth has 3 majors and is a PGA Championship away from a career grand slam. He’s 23. I said this after his dramatic win at the Travelers and I’ll say it again, it feels like he’s been around for 10 years. But he’s the youngest American to win the Open. He’ll be 24 in 4 days. Him and Jack Nicklaus are the only two people to win three legs of the grand slam before turning 24. The records and accolades go on and on and on and on. Most importantly he put all those silly choke artist murmurs to bed.

My pal Riggs put it best

That was so much fun.

Just guys being dudes