Unknown Basketball Player "Draymond Green" Misinterprets A Conor McGregor Shot At Floyd As Support For Himself, So Conor Torches Him

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So here’s what happened…somebody caught this picture of Conor wearing a Warriors “23” jersey, which is currently Draymond’s number on the Warriors (everybody knows that, duh). It was ALSO CJ Watson’s number on the Warriors, you know, the guy who Mayweather’s wife cheated on him with, causing him to beat the shit out of her.

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Classic mix up. Draymond posts the picture, trying to be so cool saying Conor fucking McGregor can’t wear his jersey, annnnnnnnd he’s dead. Green posted the picture in the first place because deep down he’s like “Holy shit that’s Conor fucking McGregor wearing my jersey. This is unbelievable. What’s cooler than that? *lightbulb* NOT BEING OKAY WITH IT!”

When you’re Conor, “I don’t know who the fuck you are” will ALWAYS play to a celebrity, mainly a sports star who’s lower on the totem pole. It’s such an embarrassing thing to get hit with when your ego is as big as Green’s, and his response was next level bad.

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Waaaay too long, waaaay too “Well I’m fuckin’ good at basketball you bitch someone who isn’t me beat you and someone who isn’t me is gonna beat you again!” Not to mention starting it with “Hahahahahaha” makes me think of this gif: