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The Game of Thrones Mailbag: Arya, Dragonglass And Jon Snow's Favorite Type of Bear

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Hey everyone. Sorry about the delay of the mailbag, which I know I originally said was going to come out Friday. However, I made the decision to make it instead of a Sunday morning feature for three reasons:

1-To give everyone some nice hungover reading on a Sunday AM while you crush your bacon, egg and cheese with ketchup and Glacier Freeze Gatorade.

2-I think it gives a nice refresher to what happened the previous episode so everyone can watch tonight without having to make the “Oh yeah I remembered something in that storyline happened, what was it again?” face.

And 3-To give me seamless opportunities like this to promote the Postgame of Thrones live video podcast with me and Clem in a totally organic and not forced way! Clem and I go live after every Game of Thrones episode on The Clem Report Youtube channel 15 minutes after the episode ends (we also tweet links @CharlieWisco and @TheClemReport). It’s a great show and we can interact live and answer your guys questions. This week we have Mike Golic Jr. from ESPN Radio and TV programs such as Sportsnation joining us. It’ll be great. You can watch last week’s show below:

Onto your questions. As always, questions are best reached to me on my Twitter DMs @CharlieWisco and my email which I should check way more often but always forget because making an AOL email address as a joke was a terrible decision. Onto the questions.

Mark and Jeff ask: The Dagger in the book Sam is reading is the same as the one used in the attempted murder of Bran… any relevance/tieback to Littlefinger? Most likely it will be used to kill that lil bitch little finger, but do you think it will have a bigger role in potentially killing the nights king?

It can’t be a coincidence. For people who don’t know what this is referencing, some eagle-eyed viewers caught onto this.

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Littlefinger having access to a dragonglass dagger, which are about to be in high demand, could have a number of possible significances. It could foreshadow him being stabbed by one. It could mean he has some sort of access to dragonglass which he’ll hold over Jon and Sansa in a power play. Or it just could be a winking easter egg from the showrunners. But that drawing was in there 100% on purpose, it’s not a coincidence.

Kyle asks: Hey one question that no one brought up in your recap or the other recaps: I’ve seen is in the last episode of season 6 Lord Varys tells Tyrion that he is going away and if he does not return then he has failed in his mission. However in the season 7 premiere Varys is seen sitting next to Daenerys as she arrives at Dragonstone. So my question is where do you think he went/did he succeed in his mission or failed but just didn’t die? Let me know your thoughts, thanks.


Varys has been the one enigma of the entire show to know what his true motivations are. Him claiming to fight only for peace and common people is…dubious at best in terms of believability. That’s why I believe him being a Targ loyalist is the simplest and best way to view his character: because it gives him a central motivation that makes sense.

I believe Varys’s mission was to secure support for Dany’s takeover. That was the purpose of the meeting you saw him have in Dorne with the Sands and Olenna (obviously). The fact he has returned means he was successful in securing that support. But he knew if he was caught, he’d be executed by the Lannisters as a traitor. Cersei is even more trouble than she thinks.

Cameron, Nick and Ben asks:

Charlie, do you think there’s a chance Arya kills Cersei using Jamie’s face? Would help Arya get a name off her list and kind of fulfills the witch’s prophecy.


It’s possible. I am still skeptical if Arya makes it all the way to Kings Landing, just because either her or Cersei’s story ending in one knife fight doesn’t make a whole lot of sense given all the buildup to both. We see Arya sweep floors for two seasons or whatever just for her to have two successful assassinations? Cersei isn’t killed in an epic betrayal or suicidal blaze after one last attempted power grab, but by being killed by Arya? Feels anticlimactic. But I cant’ say I don’t love the idea of it.

Tom and Mike ask:

Couldn’t the gift Euron is referring to be the dragon horn? Seems to be no mention of it in the show so far and that seems like it’d be a pretty legit gift all things considered.


The dragon horn, for non-book readers, is a magical object that Euron seeks that can control dragons. That’s basically the boiled-down, simplified explanation of it. Obviously that would be devastating to Dany if it were to come into Cersei’s possession. There’s been no mention of it in the show so far, but that can change with two or three lines of dialogue.

However I think it’s more likely the gift is a person. Could be Tyrion, could be Gendry, could be anyone that Cersei hates, which is pretty much everybody. Euron is a crazy enough character where we can’t rule any possibility out.

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Given Arya’s intention of going south to kill the queen, can we safely rule out a Stark family reunion, at least for the foreseeable future?


If she makes it. Right when it seems everything in Game of Thrones is headed in one direction is usually the exactly point where they toss us a curveball. As I said before, I don’t think it’s a given Arya makes it to Kings Landing. Especially if she finds out that Jon and Sansa have consolidated Stark power in the North.

Laney asks:

Hey– I have a GOT sorta theory that I’m not sure has been discussed yet. Do we think the old Three Eyed Raven is or is related to the Night King? They flashed their images next to each other in a preview and they look a LOT alike.


I find it implausible they’re the same person. PFTCommenter would point out you are actually a reverse racist for thinking all old white people look alike (The Night’s King isn’t really a person but close enough). However there is clearly some unifying magic to the Northern Westeros religions, the Children of the Forrest, the White Walkers, the Three-eyed Raven and Bran.

All we know for certain right now is that the Children of the Forrest created the White Walkers as a defense against humans (whoops!) and Bran has access through the trees of the North to witness moments in history to understand these events. Very little else is clear. I think that’ll change. Maybe it will always be a mystery however. Maybe, like most religions, the mystery is the entire point.

Dan asks:

Has anyone mentioned Arya’s uncle Edmure? After the siege at Riverrun, Walder Frey tells Jaime that he put Edmure back in his cell because it wouldn’t look good if he killed his own son. I’d hope that maybe Arya checked out the dungeons after killing the entire Frey family and let him go.

Either this was an oversight by the writers or Arya is unaware. There seems to be a lot Arya is unaware of. For instance, she seems to have no idea what exactly is going on in Winterfell right now, something I believe could divert her from her revenge mission and take her North to help her siblings. I’m waiting for an intervention in the Arya storyline to knock her off course.

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Jennifer asks:

If you had to guess which type of bear is Jon Snow’s favorite type of bear, what would it be?


Thank you for the question Jennifer. It’s nice to know I have the Stoner Stoolie demographic on lock in these blogs, or you’re just a weirdo.

The obvious answer to your question is a polar bear given the arctic nature of the polar bear’s habitat and that Jon has never left the North and has an affinity for things Beyond the Wall. However, I believe it would be the black bear, given that Jon had to TAKE THE BLACK to join the Night’s Watch and still wears exclusively that color. Also, black bears are generally more shy than other types of bears such as grizzlies or sun bears, but become quite fearsome when threatened and more deadly when they attack. I think that describes Jon pretty well.

Adam asks:

Hey Charlie how’s it going, Thrones question for you. Do you think that Jaime indicated that he may fight by Daenarys’ side with Tyrion? I have thought for awhile that Jaime would leave Cersei and team up with Tyrion, and this episode strongly reaffirmed that theory. You may remember Jaime saying, “No one wants to fight on a losing side. Right now, you look like the losing side.” Not only would Jaime fall under the category of ‘no one,’ but he also did not say ‘we look like the losing side,’ rather he said ‘you.’ In future episodes, will we see Jaime, Tyrion, and Bronn take on Cersei together? I pray to the Old Gods and the New that we do.

I don’t think Jaime would ever abandon Cersei. I think he’d kill her before he’d abandon her. He’s like Karen Hill in Goodfellas, he will never divorce her, he might kill her, but he’ll never divorce her. Jaime also seems to be sincerely unafraid of death, making a self-preservation move unlikely. Jaime is either going to fight for Cersei, or when she gets too crazy, against her. But he’s too close to her all the time for the best way to fight her being to just run away. He’d try to kill her.

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Robs asks:

Yo Chuck, there’s no way Gendry is of any use to the story right? Cersai established herself and we’re beyond the point of succession issues I think. He’s just gonna make a cameo to satisfy the hoard I assume.


Gendry will be in this season because the actor who plays him, Joe Dempsie who you might recognize if you ever watched Seasons 1 and 2 of Skins, confirmed he is. But clearly no one takes succession seriously any more. One of the main themes of Thrones is that power is mainly an illusion, it resides where people believe it resides. No one is going to take a blacksmith bastard of a King who’s been dead for years seriously if he claims the Throne. Nor does he have any interest in claiming said Throne.

The way I see it, Gendry is most likely coming back in one of two ways: As a bit of fan service in an emotional reunion with Arya, or with Euron taking his servered head to Cersei. Hope it’s the first one!

Tomas asks:

Think the Cleganebowl could be started because Arya gets caught trying to kill Cersei? Would give the Hound a last little piece of redemption.

I love Game of Thrones fans thinking of every possible scenario the Cleganebowl could happen. It’s like the Kobe v. Lebron NBA Finals we never got or the Penguins v. Blackhawks Stanley Cup. The one matchup everyone is thinking of every possible way we could see it.

Slater asks:

It’s hard to believe that Dragonstone possessing a yuge abundance of dragonless was kept a secret for so long from the rest of Westeros, do you believe that book was locked away because it plays into the Maesters conspiracy theory of being against magic, dragons, white walkers, etc?


It’s unclear Dragonglass has that much value. People until recently didn’t even know the White Walkers existed, let alone what could kill them. Maybe it hasn’t been a secret it’s there, just that people don’t care that much?

Lauren asks:

What do you think of the theory dragonglass cures greyscale?

Makes sense since Shireen (the daughter of Stannis who was burned alive) is the only known survivor of the illness, at least that we’ve seen. Also, Jorah is in the Citadel afflicted with greyscale. It is unclear what possible direction his story could go. Dany, his obsessive love interest, is sitting on a mountain of dragonglass. Maybe we just found out how Jorah is coming back into the fold?

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