Branden Grace Just Broke 63 For The First Time In Major Championship History


I mean this sucks right? Very anticlimactic stuff from Royal Birkdale today. Surrendering the lowest round in major championship history to Branden Grace.

For literally ever — seriously, forever — no one has broken 63. The golf gods have received much praise for protecting the shit out of that number. 63. Every time a guy is close to breaking it, there’s a brutal lip out or a bad break or the ball takes some last second turn it has no business taking to miss the cup.

Like Phil last year:

Or Tiger at Southern Hills in 2007 (28:30 mark):

And then after all that — decades of that, centuries of that — Branden fucking Grace trots out and fires an unceremonious 62? Come on. Brutal. Congrats and good playing and stuff but brutal. He’s now in 2nd place. Very sour taste in the golf gods’ mouths today.

And in Johnny Miller’s with his fancy numbers.

Interestingly, Grace’s record might stand for about 10 minutes; we’ve got DJ out here 5-under through 11.