A New Game Of Thrones Trailer Leaked From Comic Con Today

Note: I just hit Publish and the trailer is up. If it gets taken down, simply go to YouTube to find any stragglers that haven’t been removed yet

I was expecting some sort of trailer that appeared to be filmed using a RAZR but instead that trailer was goddamn beautiful. I don’t know how the hell something that leaked could be so clear, but someone must be pulling some strings from inside HBO’s camp on some Littlefinger shit.

Anyway, based on that trailer it looks like Euron Greyjoy’s stock is a big fat green arrow pointing way up for the rest of the season. The actor that plays Euron said his character was going to make Ramsay Bolton look like a little kid. So I’m guessing he is really going to fuck shit up in the coming episodes since Ramsay was a murdering, raping, family killing asshole that nobody on the planet could like. I don’t know what gift Euron will give Cersi, but it’s probably going to be Chekhov’s bazooka if Cersei is willing to make him an ally.

It seems that other than Euron’s victory lap, the big story of the season will be if/how Jon and Dany will team up and form the Westeros Megapowers. You have people rightfully saying you can’t trust a Targaryen because the last Targaryen on the Iron Throne was kiiiiiind of a dick and got the name The Mad King. It also looks like we haven’t heard or seen the last of Melisandre (sexy Melisandre, not creepy old hag Melisandre), who will likely trying to bring the two together. Jorah getting some face time also means that our my favorite friendzoned friend will actually have more than a 2 second cameo of his gross ass stone arm this season. Regardless, everybody’s throner has been raging since Sunday’s premiere and this trailer will only fuel the fire.

And for those that missed it, last week’s Game of Thrones recap with myself, Charlie Wisco, and Trent cab be viewed below. This week Charlie and I will be joined by Mike Golic Jr. of ESPN fame.