LaVar Ball Dancing In The Faces Of All His Haters Is Beautiful To Watch

Look at LaVar Ball getting his goddamn freak on. Proud as a motherfucking peacock. You know how you sometimes feel yourself if you got a promotion at work or just look good in the mirror? That’s how Big Daddy Ball of the BBB must be feeling right now times a hundred thousand trillion. LaVar talked Lonzo becoming a Laker into existence, watched his favorite son (his words, not mine) win the Summer League MVP, and now he just gets to moonwalk on the graves of all the people that talked shit about him. Fuck the driveway and the white picket fence. This may be the new American Dream. Talk your shit, let the outrage crowd come at you with pitchforks and torches, and then steamroll them over with pure will.

And don’t think I didn’t notice the parallels between the guy singing that song and the guy dancing to it. Michael Jackson was an uber-talented kid with a father that pushed him hard and look how he turned out. Okay that was probably a bad example. Actually, that was a TERRIBLE example even though you cannot deny Michael’s impact on music. But still, as a fellow dad and one of my partners in Podfathering Chaps would say, there is nothing better than stunting on the haters and waving to them. Do your shit, LaVar.