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Bieber Banned From Performing In China Because He Thinks He's The Emperor And Doesn't Wear Shirts

Reuters- It is not appropriate for Canadian pop star Justin Bieber to visit China because of his bad behavior and he needed to improve his conduct to become a singer “truly loved” by the public, a Chinese state office has said.

Bieber’s lifestyle overseas and his “words and actions” when he last performed in China had generated “public dissatisfaction”, Beijing’s Municipal Bureau of Culture said, without specifying what behavior had caused offense.

Given efforts to “purify” the performing arts environment in China, “it was not appropriate to bring in artists with bad behavior”, the bureau said on its website, responding to a question from a fan asking why Bieber was not being allowed to tour.

“We hope Justin Bieber will continue to improve his behavior as part of his growth, and become a singer truly loved by the public,” it said.

It is unclear whether the comments, which were carried on an official government website, constituted a ban, or if the singer had sought to tour China.

Bieber performed in China in 2013 when media coverage centered on him stripping on stage in Beijing to reveal his bare torso, being carried up the steps of the Great Wall of China, and riding a segway, again shirtless, through the streets.

The Chinese government is on a no-fun campaign for the ages. First, we have them blocking images of Winnie the Pooh because their President is Winnie the Pooh. Now, they’ve blocked the Biebs from entering the country because he behaves poorly, citing “public dissatisfaction.” And yet, footage of Chinese beliebers reacting to his banishment seems to tell a different story! Look at these distraught faces:

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.09.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.11.31 PM

What did Bieber do to deserve this? Well, apparently being carried aloft on the Great Wall by your bodyguards is a no-no because only the Emperor gets that kind of treatment. Call me culturally sensitive, but even Donnie and I had enough humility to walk the wall like normal, respectful people:

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 1.15.55 PM

In addition, the Chinese government was displeased with Bieber for taking his shirt off during a performance. That’s like being unhappy with JR Smith for not wearing a shirt anywhere, ever. Don’t invite him to perform if you want some buttoned-up monk to sing songs about shirts.

Lastly: “We hope Justin Bieber will continue to improve his behavior as part of his growth, and become a singer truly loved by the public.” Ohhhhh snap China. That’s some passive-aggressive shade if I’ve ever seen it. Inferring that Justin Bieber is working on his behavior AND that he’s NOT currently loved by the public. Is this the wakeup call that Bieber needed? Maybe. China is a big country. But something tells me he’ll do just fine without you guys.