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Sad News: Senator John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer


Sad, sad stuff out of Senator McCain’s office today. The longtime Arizona Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee has been diagnosed with brain cancer. He had an operation a few days ago to have a blood clot removed. Terrible stuff. McCain is a war hero; couldn’t have gone through worse shit as a POW for fighting for and protecting his country. A true hero’s hero.

I’ve always liked McCain. Who hasn’t? He’s soft-spoken, kind, thoughtful, and quite literally has committed his ENTIRE ADULT LIFE to serving the United States of America. What a legend.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how big of an asshole I feel like. During the Comey hearings last month, he had a few bizarre moments. Had some confusing moments. He wasn’t making a ton of sense. I’m not sure if it was all directly related or not — I’m sure it was — but I feel bad. I made a couple of jokes, and for that I feel like an asshole. Senator McCain, I apologize. I am very sorry.

Thoughts and prayers with one of this generation’s great American public servants. What an awesome man.