Some Dude Is Mailing Letters With Extremely Specific Criticism To The ESPN Anchors

I LOVE this guy and frankly everyone at ESPN should as well.  I mean all we’ve heard about lately is falling ratings and worries about declining viewership due to cord cutting and such –  got to feel pretty good to have a guy who cares so much he not only watches every second, but sends letters critiquing the anchors’ performances.  Through the damn mail no less.  Like, with the postal service.  Remember it?   Sitting down at his computer, firing up Microsoft Word, analyzing the show, printing it out, licking the envelope, stamping it and sending it.  Just wants the best product possible, that’s all.  Wants everyone to reach their potential.  And wants to watch a grammatically and etiquette-ly perfect program.

Guy loves motherfucking manners.   Maybe if more people did this world wouldn’t be such a cesspool.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 2.25.26 PM

Not a Gucci Mane fan.  Just a decorum fan.