Daniel Radcliffe Came to the Aid of a Mugging Victim


BBCDaniel Radcliffe came to the aid of a tourist who was targeted by thieves in London, according to an eyewitness.

The Harry Potter star was one of a number of people who went to assist the man who, according to police, suffered a cut to the face during the incident.

The man, aged in his 50s, was attacked by two people on a moped who snatched his bag before riding off.

Witness David Videcette said Radcliffe had consoled the victim and identified himself upon request. …

Mr Videcette said one of the riders dismounted and attacked a man carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.

“The man was a tourist visiting England for a few days and he was very shaken,” he told the BBC.

“He had a facial wound which was bleeding – he said he’d been slashed with a knife.”

‘Atta boy, ‘arry! Ten points for Gryffindor! Granted if this story played out the way I wanted it to, Daniel Radcliffe would’ve gotten there in time to put the Expecto Patronum charm on the muggers and chase them down with his graceful stag patronus before this poor tourist got robbed and slashed. But to be fair, even the real Harry Potter (I know what I said) didn’t always get there in time. He might’ve been able to save Fleur Delacour’s sister from the Merpeople during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but not Cedric Diggory a few days later. (Note: If we’re banning Dodgeball in gym and Tag at recess, it might be time to revisit the whole TWT thing.) He couldn’t save Sirius Black. He had to watch helplessly while Dumbledore was pushed out a window. And whichever Weasley twin bought it at the Battle of Hogwarts was beyond his help.

Sorry. The mention of Harry Potter always makes me digress. The real point of this blog is about the child stars from that series. A few weeks ago on the 20th anniversary of the first publication of Harry Potter and the Philosophers (later Sorcerer’s) Stone, I mentioned what a heroic job the filmmakers did casting kids at the age of 10 who would all grow up to be damned good actors by the last movie. But I neglected to mention an even more remarkable feat. How they managed to find a cast that would all grow up to be pretty normal human beings.

I admit, we never really know about celebrities. When America’s favorite dad/pudding salesman turns out to be a rufie-ing serial rapist, all bets are off with all famous people. But when the first Potter film came out, part of me just naturally assumed it was a matter of time before we’d be seeing Macaulay Culkin-like mugshots of them and Hermoine would be doing Maxim right after her 18th birthday. But there’s been nothing. I’ve heard that when Emma Watson did turn 18, her parents handed her the financial statements of the safe investments they’d made with all her money. As opposed to blowing it on themselves like Lindsay Lohan’s shitshow dad. You’ve never heard word one about Rupert Grint going nuts in a nightclub or whatever. Neville Longbottom has achieved Dud-to-Stud status on all the chick gossip sites.  And I heard Radcliffe on a podcast saying how he’s got his huge, mega-franchise under his acting belt so he’s content to just live out his life taking roles in small projects and indie movies that make him happy.

That is, when he’s not saving Muggles from Death Eaters on mopeds. I hope I never get my expensive designer male handbag purse-snatched. But if it should come to that, I hope Daniel Radcliffe is there for me too. And if the robbers happen to cut me in the face, I hope it’s on the forehead and the scar is shaped like a lightning bolt. Win/win.