Todd Frazier Grew Up Loving The Yankees And Is A New Jersey Little League Legend

One of the three guys acquired in last night’s trade was Toms River’s very own Todd Frazier. The Jersey boy who grew up a Yankee fan and always dreamed of playing in Yankee Stadium will be coming home to hopefully hit bombs out of the stadium and help this team get back to their winning ways. Frazier’s first steps on a big league field were at the old Yankee Stadium when his Toms River little league team was honored for winning the Little League World Series after they beat Japan. Frazier led off the game with a homer and recorded the game-winning strikeout in the 6th. Every player on the team got to run out to their respective positions and stand with a current Yankee. Frazier, being a shortstop on the team, met his counterpart on the field, that guy Derek Jeter.

Flash forward 19 years later and here we are. Frazier will put on his pinstripes for the first time next Tuesday when his original team, the Cincinnati Reds, come to town. This has to be so fucking cool for Todd. Just last week he was taking BP at a high school I used to play against.

He went to Rutgers and won the Big East player of the year. He’s also a big Frankie Edgar fan too. I know Bob Fox approves.

Even though Frazier was sort of a throw-in with this deal, I think he’s going to produce in a big way. Yes his average is down, but his OPS over the last month is exactly what this team needs. This man’s power bat and glove at first base will be a gigantic add to the bottom of the lineup. It wasn’t too long ago the Todd Father took the home run derby by storm and put on a fucking show.

Hit em far Todd…hit em far

P.S. Todd Frazier’s wife, Jackie Frazier, is a smoke and a half