Stoolie Loses Fantasy Football League And Has To Re-Create The ESPN Magazine Body Issue

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 9.24.56 AM

Absolutely love it. Nothing like a little lighthearted banter from your bros. Having someone take the ACTs or SATs after they’ve graduated high school is brutal. That one borders on cruel. Doing stand up for a non-comedian must be terrifying, but getting naked for your bros in an ESPN Magazine recreation is just good, clean fun.

This dude has the perfect body for it too. Milky. Not a ton of body hair. A respectable belly but not obese. Just the perfect victim for this crime. When the guy sent it to me, I was suddenly happy that he picked Tyrod Taylor for his fantasy football league. If he didnt, we might not have this wonderful video. It’s the little things that can pick you up on a slow Wednesday.

To answer your question, you bet your ass you are, pal.