Harper vs Trout Being a Random Tuesday/Wednesday Series Is Devastating For Baseball Fans

I love the MLB. I think they do a great job and rarely ever make a mistake. But this is one bigggg mistake. You can’t put Trout vs Harper, the two biggest stars in baseball, on a random Tuesday/Wednesday series. You can’t do that! These games should be both in prime time, on ESPN or FOX, for the world to see (tonight’s game is, but it also starts at 10:07 EST). There should be a 24/7 series following them around prior to it. This should feel like Mayweather vs McGregor, not a random throwaway series in the middle of the Summer. It’s so disappointing how baseball does this. Promote your stars, dawg! Trout and Bryce both hit first inning HRs last night, and all the kiddos who should have been watching were long tucked away in their race car beds. It stinks. We need the MLB to do a better job getting these two in front of as many eyes as possible. Reminds me of this Feits blog, Mike Trout is so poorly marketed, it stinks. Bryce does a great job of marketing himself, MLB could do a better job with Trout, who is a once in a generation player in his own right.

And not for nothing, Bryce has been packing the shit out of the box score since the All Star Break. Last night a gleeful 4/4 with a triple and dinger

And peep his last 5 games:

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.19.18 AMScreen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.18.50 AM

A casual 11/21 with 4 HRs and his average up 10 points. Dude is gunning hard for that MVP award. He’s currently 3rd in average, tied for 4th in HRs, and 1st in RBIs. Then you can tack on 5th in WAR, 1st in OPS, 2nd in Slugging, and 7th in hits (16 behind the league leader in 63 fewer at bats). If he keeps up the pace, another MVP trophy will be sitting on his mantle in no time.