Crazy Woman Smashes Car To Pieces While Children Are In The Car

No idea what lead to this shit but it doesn’t really matter does it? He could be lickin all on some other woman’s vagina and sending it Blacc China style to his ex and that wouldn’t make it ok to go all Beyonce on his Range Rover with the kids inside.

How are you so mad at your ex or current spouse, boyfriend, or whatever that you are willing to injury your own children? How? Those kids wont recover from that for a long time, if ever.

And on the dad’s end, well I assume it was the dad, how on Earth do you let the hammer swinging mom grab your kids from the car? Not a chance. You gotta speed away. I mean, for fuck sake. You’re taking the video. You have proof in your hand that this woman is crazy. She might not touch my kids ever again but certainly not right away.