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The First Teaser For James Franco And Seth Rogan's "The Disaster Artist" Is Here

Oh hi Marc!

The Room is a cult classic flick. It’s the ultimate “so bad it’s good” movie, and if you haven’t seen it, I REEEEAAAAALLY recommend it. It’s so incredibly horrible that it’s hard to fathom how a human being could put those scenes and that dialogue together, and think it’s even a linear storyline. Nothing in it connects, there’s abusive relationships, lying, cancer diagnosis’, and drugs, and you can’t follow what’s what for shit. The best part is that Tommy Wiseau (the star/director/writer) was such a perfectionist that he wasn’t happy with any of his takes and redubbed all of them after the fact, so the audio/video almost never matches up. Here’s a compilation of some great moments…

…and now there’s sold out screenings all over the country where people scream the popular quotes as they happen:

Wiseau has since tried to roll with the punches and claim it was a “black comedy” from the start, which it obviously wasn’t, but whatever. James Franco, Dave Franco, and Seth Rogan are now making a movie based on the book “The Disaster Artist” by Greg Sestero, which spoke out about how much of a clusterfuck the production of this movie was, and it looks GREAT just based on this trailer. A24 is the studio, too, and they focus on mostly weird movies (a lot of the time horror), but also produce a lot of great ones. Just in the past few years, they’ve had Moonlight, The Witch, Room, Amy, and Ex Machina, and on the weird side Green Room, Tusk, Swiss Army Man, and The Lobster. Soooo, it’s a back and forth. No matter what, they’re out there taking risks, and that’s why they have become so successful in a short period of time. Hopefully The Disaster Artist is good enough that we won’t need a movie/book about it in 15 years by Dylan and Cole Sprouse.