Mike Gundy's Mullet Is So Awesome I Think It's Dangerously Close To Being A Recruiting Violation

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Breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. Somehow Mike Gundy’s mullet is getting better with age. What started as a joke is now a life style. And I know what I’m about to say sounds crazy but knowing the NCAA it isn’t. Mike Gundy’s mullet is dangerously close to being a recruiting violation, it’s that good. How could you not want to play for a guy that looks like that. Any 18 year old takes one look at that and they sign on the dotted line. Sometimes we work hard and buckle down.

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Other times, we party.

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That’s Mike Gundy. You know those stupid videos all the teams put out in the summer, the “look we have so much fun at this school!” videos. When Nick Saban lets his team ride on his boat for an afternoon, or the Georgia team doing cannonballs at a water park. Well Mike Gundy is walking around with that video on the back of his head. Like a huge billboard. Come to OSU and we’ll have a good old time, and if someone comes at you, I got your back, forever. Player’s coach through and through.