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Husband Crushes A Baseball For His Baby's Gender Reveal, Absolutely Tattoos His Wife In The Face With The Ball

There has been a lot of push back against gender reveals on the internet lately, but this video is why I love them. The more content out there, the better. Without all those boring videos of blue and pink smoke from people you don’t care about clogging up your Facebook and Instagram feed, this gem isn’t possible.

And make no mistake about it, this is a gem. The ping of the metal bat. The reaction of the wife immediately realizing she is the star of a YouTube fail that will live forever on the internet. And of course the banshee (definitelyyyyy the wife’s mother) screaming “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HIT IT THAT HARD!” All internet magic. And I don’t want to hear anybody get on the husband for turning on that pitch and having a Giancarlo Stanton-esque exit velo off the bat. Some people just go to another level when the cameras are on and this guy decided he was going to announce his child’s gender via YABO. Yeah the metal bat for a wiffle ball or whatever that shit was seems a tadddddd excessive. But you should want to announce your kid’s presence in the most showstopping way possible. Whether it’s Rafiki holding up your newborn son for all of the animal kingdom to see or you trying to go Roy Hobbs on a hanging curve and instead indenting the words WIFFLE BALL on your wife’s face for the rest of her life. That’s just being a good dad-to-be.

And for those that missed yesterday’s episode of The Podfathers, we didn’t talk gender reveals but we did talk about Chaps meeting his wife because he was her Sunday school teacher, waxed poetic about our AOL Instant Messenger buddy profiles and away messages, and why couples that Catfish random strangers on Tinder together stay together.