Stephon Gilmore Tweets at the Bills and This Buffalo TV Guy Does NOT Take it Lying Down


Well, would you look at that! This Buffalo TV Anchor is coming in hot! Just firing the whole magazine and then throwing the empty gun. Making Stephon Gilmore pay for his insolence.

And as much as I’m glad to have Gilmore on the Patriots, I’m not even mad. I’m actually weirdly proud. Like I didn’t think the Bills Mafia had it in them. What I’ve typically found is that they are just so beaten down by their own grim reality that insulting them isn’t even fun. I mean, how do you get into a war of words with a city that hasn’t made the playoffs since Wade Phillips benched Doug Flutie in 1999? You can’t. It’s unfair. And they’ve got nothing to hit you back with. So they end up sounding like Tommy Boy.

Them: “These candies have a thin candy shell.”
You: “I think your brain has a thick candy shell.”
Them: “Your … Your … brain has … the, the shell on it. …”

So good for this Jonah Javad for at least showing some fight. And pretending the Bills didn’t completely screw up by letting one of the top two free agent corners on the market this year walk to the very franchise that’s made their lives a waking nightmare for 17 years.

But as proud as I am of the effort, I can’t just let that video go unanswered:

So yeah, congrats on the sick burn. Gilmore may never get over it while he’s on national TV eight games plus the playoffs. Keep spending money on guys like Sammy Watkins and sending the Gilmores, Chris Hogans and Mike Gillislees to New England for nothing. And clap-back deez nuts.