Did Trump Fire Chris Christie Because He Tried To Get Trump To Use His Gross, Germ-Infested Phone?


So this is being reported everywhere as some huge germ issue. Like Trump wouldn’t take Christie’s phone just because he’s disgusted by the germs that are undoubtedly on it. While it has been widely reported that Trump’s a big time germaphobe, and while I have no doubt that Chris Christie’s phone is indeed disgusting, I do not believe this really has anything to do with that.

I see this as something much simpler. Who the hell does Chris Christie think he is trying to make Donnie use his phone to talk to Barry? What kind of move is that? Get a grip fatso. Trump’s the President-elect. Obama’s the sitting President. You’re the least popular governor on planet earth. These two political giants don’t talk via calling you and having you hold the phone up to Trump’s ear like some grandpa checking in with his grandson on Thanksgiving. No chance.

This is how Daily Mail is presenting it:

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.26.57 AM

Really hammering the germ thing; I think it’s way more of a “Hey Chris, who the fuck are you? Just give Obama my number you dumbass” thing.

PS — Imagine if Trump really did fire Christie for trying to make him use his germ-infested phone? Hilarious.