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Kliff Kingsbury Wasn't Too Happy With Justin Bieber Being Played Before His Presser At Big 12 Media Days

Blog by Intern Jack

After a 5-7 season, in which his defense allowed over 40 points a total of SIX TIMES, Kliff Kingsbury is on a very hot seat. Yesterday was the Big 12’s media day, marking the official start for Kingsbury’s crucial 2017 season:

Not the ideal start for the unanimous winner of the most attractive man in college sports. I wouldn’t be feeling great if I were him.

The rational mind would say that this song was played by the Big 12 because it’s currently #2 on the Billboard Top 100, but I’m not rational. I’m going to believe “I’m The One” was played after Gary Patterson hacked into the speaker system. I’m going to go with this theory and call it the Bieber Curse because when Texas Tech goes 5-7 again and Kingsbury’s defense allows 50 PPG I’ll be able to say “I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! THE BIEBER CURSE IS REAL!”

Kingsbury is cool with these damn millennials…he knows about Drake.

The day didn’t get much better for Kingsbury. Midway through his press conference, a very mad reporter from a random newspaper in Texas asked Kliff why he seemingly can’t field a damn defense:

A phenomenal amount of “um’s” and “ah’s” from this reporter considering he knew exactly what he wanted to ask Kingsbury for the entire press conference.

You could call the 2017 Big 12 media days a bad one for Kingsbury, but can you really have a bad day when you look like this?

The whole “Kliff Kingsbury looks like Ryan Gosling and is the most attractive man in sports” thing isn’t overblown. Listening to the man speak makes me consider my sexuality. This guy must make girls wet after saying 10 words. Every man in America wishes his voice sounded just like Kingsbury’s. It’s great that he’s going to get fired after this year because I’m way too jealous of this guy and want to watch him fall.

-Intern Jack