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Somebody Call The Wahmbulance!!!!! Roger Goodell Is Still Crying Like a Bitch That Matt Patricia Wore Our Clown Shirt After The Superbowl



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Profootballtalk – With less than two months to go until Commissioner Roger Goodell tries to mend some fences in Boston with his appearance at the regular-season opener, at least one person in Boston may want to try to mend some fences with Goodell. Per a league source, the Commissioner continues to be miffed about Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia’s decision to wear the Barstool Sports Goodell-with-a-clown-nose T-shirt while disembarking from the plane that brought the team back from Super Bowl LI.

Oh boo hoo, boo hoo. Poor Roger Bear. Big bad Matt Patrcia wore our clown shirt and mocked Roger Goodell’s entire existence after the Patriots had the greatest comeback of all time and won their 5th superbowl and stuffed Roger Goodell in a locker and cemented Tom Brady’s legacy as the best ever and cemented Roger Goodell’s legacy as the biggest loser buffoon of modern history. Oh boo hoo, boo hoo.

DUDE CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER YOU FUCK FACED FRAUD! Hey Roger you lost! It’s over! We didn’t just beat you. We eviscerated you. And to the victors go the spoils! Just shut up and take your medicine like a man. If you feel the need to come back to Foxboro for our banner ceremony then you should crawl back on your hands and knees and kiss the ground we walk on. You should beg for forgiveness. You should wear the clown shirt and be pelted with tomatoes at midfield. Instead you can’t keep your fat mouth shut. Nobody was even thinking about your vanquished ass till you started bitching and moaning again. Now we need a sea of turquoise at Gillette because we know it bothers you. We know you’ll sit there all upset and crying over it. That’s why we need every person at Gillette to wear the clown shirt. Because Roger has left us no choice. And if I get rich as a byproduct of that so be it. Thank you Roger. Thank you for everything.

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