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I, For One, Couldn't Be Happier Allen Iverson Didn't Play In His Big3 Philly Homecoming Last Night

In case you forgot, the Big3 is a pro 3-on-3 basketball league commissioned by none other than Ice Cube. One of the biggest names on the league roster is Allen Iverson, and last night was supposed to be the homecoming 7 years in the making as the Big3 made it’s first stop in Philly. In vintage AI fashion, he announced he wouldn’t be playing like an hour before tipoff.

Philly fans, naturally, were pretty butt hurt about this. Which I get. If you actually spent money and gave up your Sunday night to head down to the Wells Fargo Center to watch Big3 basketball, you were 100% going specifically to see AI play. No disrespect but nobody was going there saying, “man, I can’t wait to see Moochie Norris”. So if you spent money to watch AI play in Philly again in person, then you had reason to be upset and throw a few boos out there during the games.

But for everybody else who weren’t in attendance last night? This was the best case scenario. Because I don’t know if you’ve tuned in to any Big3 basketball action this summer, but it is brutal. And the last thing we needed to see was old ass Allen Iverson out there on the court that he made, struggling to move around on half a court and maybe knock down a shot or two. You throw 42-year-old Allen Iverson out there at the Wells Fargo Center and that’s how you remember him for the rest of your life. Just an old man trying to survive playing 5 minutes of 3-on-3 ball. You don’t want that in your life. You want to always remember this Allen Iverson.

Not the dude who is just a shell of himself now and is only playing because he needs a way to make some money before that Reebok trust fund starts to kick in.

P.S. – Allen Iverson. Hockey Tough?