Couple Tries To Do A Baseball-Themed Gender Reveal, Husband Lays Off The Pitch

NOT UP IN HERE! DO NOT BRING THAT JUNK UP IN HERE! Good for him. Good eye, Kyle. Wait for your pitch. Don’t get up there and swing just to swing. Kyle is the Kevin Youkilis of baseball-themed gender reveal parties. Big time hardo move to lay off a pitch after inviting your friends over for that exact moment but some athletes simply don’t have an on/off switch. He’ll swing when you give him a good pitch to hit. Simple as that, Sure, in that situation you kind of have to swing, but I respect the shit out of him for not swinging. And what if he had swung at the bad pitch and missed? I’d rather have video of me being a selective and patient hitter than video of me corkscrewing myself into the ground while my family and close friends laugh at me. Also, gender reveal parties are generally lame anyway so it going totally wrong was a nice change of pace.